What Kind Of Jewelry Box Design Can Attract Buyers

What Kind Of Jewelry Box Design Can Attract Buyers

Many merchants are selling high-end jewelry boxes. How can we design jewelry boxes from the perspective of buyers? Allow buyers to buy fashionable and luxurious jewelry boxes at the lowest price. This involves a lot of design points.

Color selection

The first thing we should pay attention to is the color matching problem. Because the customer group for jewelry boxes is basically female friends, but now many men also need to store jewelry, necklaces, and rings, so male jewelry boxes have appeared. Therefore, in the color matching, we must choose the color matching. Green and gray are colors that are geared toward men. We generally don't use them. The more beautiful colors of pink and red can be used on high-end gift boxes. White and blue are often used to highlight mature and elegant colors, which are also loved by women.

Material selection

After talking about color matching, the second thing we should pay attention to is the material of the jewelry box. Because it is more advanced for the group, the material can not be vague. In appearance, we generally use high-quality PU leather, so that the appearance can show that the jewelry box is exquisite and high-end, and protect your jewelry from dust and scratches. The inner lining generally uses silk and a soft lining, so that it will not cause any harm to the stored jewelry.

Size design

In addition to material and color, size is a very important part of the jewelry box design. The size can be designed for different female groups. For example, a small jewelry box is generally aimed at female students, the size: 4.5inchX4.3inchX2.6inch. Because they are not financially independent yet, there will not be so much jewelry. This size is suitable for them to store jewelry. Size: 12.6inchX11inchX12.2inch. This kind of large jewelry box is more suitable for mature women, except for the large space and luxurious configuration. It can also be displayed as a home decoration.


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